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          How to deal with the water inflow of outdoor LED display

          As a media of outdoor information, outdoor full-color LED display plays a huge role in displaying. In some public places such as squares, shopping malls, stations, etc., this high brightness and accurate display plays a distinct role. During outdoor maintenance and maintenance of the display screen, it is necessary to avoid water entering into the display screen, do a good job of waterproof treatment, and even extend the service life of the display screen.

          For the screen waterproof treatment, we should also master some basic skills, outdoor due to weather reasons, resulting in the screen water, seepage phenomenon, the specific rescue method is what, here take you to understand the next screen water after the remedial measures.

          1、 Specific remedial measures

          First of all, for the display screen that has infiltrated into water, the power must be cut off immediately. We can see from the monitoring screen that if there are some phenomena such as black screen and flicker, most of them are due to faults. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the power supply of the main display screen as soon as possible and send professional technicians to the scene for emergency repair.

          In daily waterproof, when the back plate and the top gap of the display screen are often prone to water seepage, in this case, we can disassemble the back plate display screen, overhaul the internal circuit, especially on the screen light-emitting module, timely handle the water stains on the door, and timely handle the ones that need to replace the main plate of the display screen.
          2、 Waterproof treatment of display screen

          The waterproof of the display screen can be prevented, which needs to be implemented in the specific construction site. A water proof tank can be installed on the front and back of the display screen, and the water infiltrated into the interior can be collected through the tank, and then cleaned out. Such as the common P10 outdoor LED display, there are such slots on the front and back of the display.

          In other aspects, the addition of waterproof layer and waterproof coating of display module can also effectively prevent the water from entering into the display module. The common practice is to apply waterproof coating on the display module shell, especially in some gaps and edge areas.

          Generally speaking, the waterproof work of outdoor display screen is a long-term work, which requires our technical personnel to carry out regular maintenance and repair. When encountering severe weather, we should be more vigilant. In case of water inflow, power connection and other problems of outdoor LED display screen, we should take timely solutions. Only in this way can we ensure the long-term and healthy use of the display screen.

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